A working-class woman . . . A mechanized female . . . A reluctant warrior

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Mechanic Anna Is Here!

The year was 1943. Humanity was locked in an epic battle of Good vs. Evil. No place on Earth was left unscathed. Millions of people were caught up in the grip of war. But there was someone among them who could fight this Evil.

She was a working-class woman, a mechanized female, a reluctant warrior. The one they would call . . . MECHANIC ANNA!

Mechanic Anna, written and illustrated by Thomas Gianni

Thomas Gianni is a Chicago-based illustrator. His inspiration for Mechanic Anna comes from the great pulp stories of the 1920's, 30's and 40's, as well as the golden age of comic books. He attributes his love of this genre to such artists as Jack Kirby, Frank Frazetta, Will Eisner, Walter Baumhofer and George Rozen. Other influences for the book come from the great film noir directors of the 40's and 50's such as Orson Welles, Jules Dassin, Edward Dmytryk and Howard Hawks to name a few.

"You Have What We Want!"

The stench of fish was overpowering, as the figure reached out and wrenched her from sunlight to shadow. Her startled attempt to scream was stymied by a large gloved hand covering her mouth. Anna grabbed hold of the assailant's arm and snapped it in half like a twig. It let out a whoop of dismay and ran off into the darkness.

"Commandant, We Are Close to the Launch Point."

As he worked his way through the claustrophobic passage of the U-Boat, Willenbrock passed many large, tube-like containers. The contents incubating within were vastly malevolent compared to any explosive device.

And So Began a Monstrous Birth.

Legions of insidious beings shot forth from scores of torpedo ports. They began their march towards what would prove to be yet another 'day of infamy.' One of the underwater army's targets: the naval shipyards of New York City.


The second chapter of Mechanic Anna, "Of Mafia and Monsters", will be available soon!

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